Nametenga: Medical visits for retirees | BIA

Nametenga: Medical visits for retirees |  BIA

2023-05-14 17:57:13

Nametenga: Medical visits for retirees

Boulsa the 12th 2023(AIB)- Retirees from the public service and the private sector or their widows benefited from the annual medical visit session 2023, organized by the CARFO, the CNSS and the Ministry of Health.

Blood examination, weight and blood pressure measurement, interviews with the doctor, physical examination and free allocation of certain drugs are the main stages of the medical visit, organized jointly by the CNSS, CARFO and the Ministry of Health.

According to Dr. Josué Ouédraogo, head of clinical activities and quality of care, the purpose of the blood test is to establish a minimum balance sheet for certain chronic diseases such as diabetes, kidney function and gout.

Talking to the pensioner about his blood test, the doctor performs a physical examination to screen for chronic diseases such as blood pressure, asthma, osteoarthritis, prostate cancer in men, cervical cancer of the uterus in women and other diseases in order to be able to draw up a prescription for a free endowment of medicines.

For this session, the Doctor thanked the State and its partners for having introduced the examination of uricemia or gout, which is a major innovation.

He wanted the pharmacy to be better supplied for future sessions so that pensioners lack nothing for their health care.

Ouédraogo Inoussa, head of the CNSS in Boulsa, said that last year 57 pensioners were able to have their medical examination out of nearly 75 pensioners in Boulsa.

At present, 31 have already made their visit.

According to him, if the security context has played on the mobilization, it is necessary to recognize that some are traveling while others have already taken the exams elsewhere.

Inoussa Ouédraogo thanked the association of pensioners of Boulsa and through it, its president Hamidou Néri Philippe Bonkoungou for his support.

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