A woman has revealed the awkward situation after kissing her grandson on the forehead.

The anonymous woman explained that her partner’s son and friend recently visited them with their three-month-old son.

Now posting to the parenting website Mumsnet, the grandma explained how she felt awful after the situation.

She wrote: “While holding him, I absently kissed the top of his head.

“I was told in no uncertain terms that kissing was a no-no. They told me they were already arguing with her mother about the matter.”

The woman felt terrible about the situation and said she would not do it again because it is against their will.

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She added: “Of course I won’t do it again because it’s against their will, but I just wanted to ask what other people think.

“I know you shouldn’t kiss babies on the mouth because of concerns about HPV, but have I done something wrong?”

The grandparent received a lot of comments from co-parents who called her partner’s son “ridiculous”.

One said: “It seems ridiculous to me. Most babies and people benefit from touch and affection.”

Another added: “You haven’t done anything wrong unless the baby is severely immunocompromised.

“It just sounds like hard work. I’m sure they will be sad if no one wants to see the baby for fear that they will do something wrong.

“Don’t complain about it.”

However, some defended the parents and emphasized the health risks associated with kissing children.

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One said: “You knew they were nervous. They have every right to say they are not comfortable with this.”

Another added: “Herpes virus can kill babies, so it’s not unreasonable for parents not to let anyone kiss their baby.”

The NHS claims that the younger the baby, the more vulnerable they are to the effects of an infection.

Neonatal herpes in young babies is caused by a highly contagious virus that can cause cold sores and genital sores in adults.

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