Nanayam Vikatan – 05 February 2023 – Funds to invest in now..! | mirae asset mutual fund CEO spl interview

Nanayam Vikatan – 05 February 2023 – Funds to invest in now..!  |  mirae asset mutual fund CEO spl interview

About the increase in SIP investment…

“At present, the average monthly investment in mutual funds in India through SIP is Rs. 2,300. It is Rs 6,200 in Mirae Asset Mutual Fund.

If one invests Rs.1,000 every month in the first year (age) of a child, Rs.2,000 in the second year, and Rs.3,000 in the third year, a substantial amount will accrue when the child grows up and goes to college. You can take this money and spend it liberally on educational expenses.”

Passive Fund, Active Fund…Which is better for small investors?

“Fund managers are very talented in our country. They have outperformed the benchmark index in many funds. Passive funds mirror the returns of the index it is based on. These are less risky; Income is also likely to be low. It is better for small investors to invest in a mix of passive funds and active funds to get good returns on average.

Small investors can get good returns if they invest in a mix of Nifty 50 passive fund and Next 50 active fund.”

Which sectors will perform well in the next 3 – 5 years?

“Healthcare, infrastructure, information technology and manufacturing sectors are estimated to witness significant growth in the coming years.”

Can you name the types of stock market and debt market funds that retail investors should look out for at present?

“India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is currently $3.4 trillion. This is estimated to increase to $8.5 trillion over the next decade. All sectors and companies of all stock market capitalizations can be expected to participate in this growth.

In that way, the Indian stock market will also get a great growth. A flexicap fund that invests in all equity market cap companies can expect good returns. As the fund manager can invest in smallcap, midcap and largecap company stocks in this flexicap fund as per his expectations and predictions, there is potential to earn high returns. You can invest in SIP mode to reduce the risk in this fund.

When it comes to debt funds, you can invest in target maturity funds. This fund is of open ended type which invests anytime and withdraws anytime. At the same time, if you join this fund early and continue to invest till its maturity, you can reap the full benefits.

In this fund, its maturity will be almost identical to the maturity of the bonds in which the money raised from investors is invested. That way the risk is less. Small investors who need money for three years and more will find it profitable to invest in this Target Maturity Debt Fund. After three years, long-term capital gains are subject to 20% income tax after inflation adjustment.”

How have you invested your own money?

“I invest 70% of my total investment in equity mutual funds and 30% in debt funds.”

What is your favorite investment mantra?

“’Stay Invest’ is my favorite mantra. This means investing for the long term rather than taking time to invest. The full benefit of the ‘power of compounding’ can be achieved only if the investment is continued for a long period of time.”


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