Nanayam Vikatan – 05 February 2023 – Share Portfolio..! Guide to Stock Investing | share portfolio management series

Nanayam Vikatan – 05 February 2023 – Share Portfolio..!  Guide to Stock Investing |  share portfolio management series

There is also some news regarding the companies in the portfolio. Bank of Baroda to be included in MSCI Index. It looks like Biocon may exit the index in the February reshuffle of the MSCI index. At the same time, Bank of Baroda and CG Power companies are going to join the index. These changes will be announced on February 10.

Similarly, Bharti Airtel has increased its minimum recharge amount from Rs.99 to Rs.155. This fee, which has been implemented in nine zones of the country, will soon be implemented across the country. Airtel’s revenue is likely to increase by 1.3-1.5 percent due to this tariff hike.

Bluedart Express, a logistics company in our portfolio, is a bit different from traditional logistics companies. Demand in the logistics sector is said to be low due to the global economic slowdown and the end of the festive season. Truck unions are on strike in some areas. However, for India, the demand has not decreased much. Bluedart Express CFO said that volume growth is expected to recover.

The revenue contribution of the e-commerce segment is one-fourth of the company’s total revenue. The company has a total of 700 booking offices. Also, the company plans to set up 100 offices. Currently, Blue Dart Express is the number one in air freight and second in ground freight. Despite the arrival of new companies in the logistics industry, Bluetart has the potential to continue to outperform the competition due to its strong market structure and quality, fast service.

With the IPL coming up, Viacom 18, which has bagged the IPL digital rights from 2023 to 2027 for Rs 20,500 crore, plans to merge its OTT platform Wood with Jio Cinema OTT. These OTD platforms have joined forces to telecast IPL matches on the digital platform. With this merger, the number of users of Jio Cinema increased by 30 million and touched 100 million. Similarly, as Wood and Jio Cinemas are currently joining forces to telecast IPL matches, the merger of the two ODT platforms is expected to further boost their growth.

Ami Organics among the average stocks in our portfolio came in at Rs 880 last week. We have invested the extra Rs 10,000 allocated for it and bought 12 stocks and added them to the portfolio. When the budget is presented next week, it will be known which sectors and organizations will benefit from the budget. After that, we can make changes to our portfolio.

Disclaimer: Shares recommended here may be owned by the author, his family, founders.

(Portfolio to be continued)

In Tamil: J. Saravanan


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