Nanoleaf alternative: You can beautify your home with these LED panels

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These inexpensive light panels can beautify your home

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Smart lamps and light panels are a trend in room lighting

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A Nanoleaf alternative is particularly in demand when the expensive original is out of the question. Here are some no less impressive lighting solutions that cost less.

VYou may have already discovered it on the wall of some of them: Nanoleaf is the latest trend in room lighting. But the innovative look is not exactly cheap – especially if you are planning larger patterns. In such cases, choosing a Nanoleaf alternative can save you money.

Nanoleaf: what is it and how does it work?

Roughly speaking, every Nanoleaf * is an independent wall LED: hexagon, triangle, square – the shapes that can be put together to form larger images can be combined, because the light panels can be individually connected using a small click connection and then via the app, homepod, Control Google Assistant or Alexa as well as touch. From color combinations to exciting color gradients in finely tuned tones to rhythmically pulsating lights, everything is possible that the color spectrum of over 16 million variants offers. Many gamers also love the additional light source, which they can immerse even more in the game with the surrounding lighting.

It is also practical: the decorative nanoleafs are easily attached. They are simply glued to the wall or ceiling and then connected to a socket.

Nanoleaf Aurora and Alternatives

First of all: Nanoleaf Aurora is now called Light Panels * – these are triangles that can be connected to one another. However, other shapes such as squares or hexagons cannot be integrated here. But you don’t necessarily need that, because the light panels variant looks great.

The Cololight system * is a sensible and inexpensive alternative for those who do not have a large budget for the colored highlight in their own four walls. The panels are a bit smaller than the original, but the starter set * and the Stone version * with stand are a lot cheaper. The tiles, which are available in hexagon shape, are particularly suitable for those who only want to highlight a small area in color.

Nanoleaf Canvas: Original vs. Alternative

The Nanoleaf Canvas * are square shapes that can be connected to one another. You can even create a pixel look on a grand scale, as the individual pieces can be controlled individually.

Nanoleaf Shapes: Original vs. Alternative

There are special combination options with the Nanoleaf Shapes *: Here, mini triangles * and hexagons * can be combined in one setup. The no-name brands Amailtom * and JDKC * offer inexpensive solutions for colored accents at home. But one thing is very clear: These light panels do not come close to the original – neither in terms of operation nor in quality. Nevertheless, they are nice to look at and the good price is definitely worth trying.

Nanoleaf Essentials: An even easier way to beautiful lighting

Perhaps you don’t want to purchase an expensive kit, but instead simply want to enjoy a colorful accent. Then the Lightstrip * from Nanoleaf could be an option for you. It also offers over 16 million colors and the color temperature can be adjusted according to the time of day. The LED light * from Nanoleaf Essentials works in a similar way. You can set the color individually via Bluetooth and the appropriate app.

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