NapHollywood, Netflix’s first time at the Academy: «After Sorrentino we focus on young people»

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Completely free thanks to the Campania Region, the Master in scenography was born and costume for the cinema in collaboration with La Rai of Naples. Siani: «Here is our Cinecittà in the former NATO base»

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ANapHollywooda city of sets from all over the world, there is a great demand for specialized figures for the cinema.
To avoid, however, that the city becomes a papier-mâché setting to be set aside after use and that the hit and run is added to the “turn and run”, a strategy and investments are needed. “And who if not the Academy of Fine Arts, a public institution that intercepts as many as four thousand young people from all over the region and beyond, could give an answer?” says Rosita Marchese, president of the ancient institution who, for that question, wove the threads of an interesting educational response. The warp was presented yesterday to a crowded audience of students: «It’s the Master in scenography and costume design for cinema, completely free thanks to the support of the Region (240 thousand euros) of Netflix (scholarships of 50 thousand euros) and of Rai (which will make the Naples production center available for tutoring that will cover the entire production cycle). It is aimed at an audience of 50 graduates and the selection criteria will take into account three factors: merit, inclusion of disadvantaged groups and gender equality». Marchese thanks teachers and partners and above all motivates young people: “It’s not true that everything sucks, don’t believe professional defeatists: ours is a proposal to give you the opportunity to compete, not to claim”.

Coordinating the Master will be one who really does set designer, the director of the Academy Renato Lori: «I am the first set designer director and I strongly believe in the professionalizing perspective of this training course. Operationally we will start from a screenplay, then 25 students will undertake the creation of sets and the other 25 in the making of costumes. The study of special effects will be fundamental, which in Naples have already seen many startups excel. The six-monthly master’s degree, recognized by the Ministry of University and Research, will have the final objective of making a short film». And after Apple – with the Academy of San Giovanni a Teduccio – Netflix has also decided to intercept the creativity of southern “human capital”.

“It’s Netflix’s first collaboration with an institution from southern Italy,” says Ilaria Castiglioni, manager of Netflix’s Italian series. «We shot Paolo Sorrentino’s latest film here in Naples: it was a great opportunity to better discover the city and his talents. This is why we are very happy to invest in the creativity of the young people of the Academy of Fine Arts». And he makes a speech with a high level of motivation: «My job is to follow a film or a series from the script to its final realization with the director. In all phases, what matters most to us is the personal vision on a universal theme. Everyone is the bearer of a uniqueness and this diversity of gaze at the service of a larger and more collective idea is truly precious for us. That’s what we’re looking for.” (Meanwhile, Governor Vincenzo De Luca, at the table to his left, listens but it is clear that he is also screening who wears a mask and who doesn’t: “Too few, be careful of the variations, otherwise you’ll do it in bed for Christmas” he blurts out) .

It is then the turn of Rai and Antonio Parlati who manages the Neapolitan branch: «If this is a debut for Netflix, Rai is at its fifth marriage with the Academy. The students in our production center will be able to come into contact with professionals who work at a high level, I am thinking of Alberto Angela’s broadcasts around the world». It wasn’t announced to avoid the crowd, but the testimony of his biographical and artistic parable, from son of workers to movie star, is what is needed.

Alessandro Siani is the reference artist of the new “Studios” that the Region with the Film Commission is building in the former NATO Base and he spends himself with great generosity: «Why, I wonder, when I shoot a film I still have to go to Rome to edit it? Now Naples is full of sets, but my fear is that when the productions go away there will be nothing left here. Here we have young people who are very good at special effects, rising talents for editing, but we need to create a physical space where the professions of cinema are stratified and an industry in the sector is born. For me you will have to call Italcinema, the cinema factory». Siani is not only a testimonial of Studios: «The Film commission has done and is doing a great job, my presence in the control room adds to a process that has already begun: as a first objective I would like to restore the theater of the former NATO base with as many as 400 seats. It could be an excellent venue for lessons, meetings and to see the films at the end of production. Is it true Vincent?». Vincenzo is De Luca who concludes: «In 2023 the North-South gap will grow again due to a non-existent ruling class. In the arts and cinema sector we will hold out but it is necessary to focus on the professions of the entertainment industry and avoid having to go to Bologna or Milan to study them. It’s time to be proud even of poverty and sacrifices”. The announcement of participation on

November 30, 2022 | 09:50

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