Naples, arrives at the Mann Baby Pit stop The space dedicated to nursing mothers

twelve o’clock, July 16, 2021 – 09:21 am

The project promoted by Soroptimist and Unicef ​​and revolves around a design armchair and iconic works

of A. P. M.

The Baby Pit Stop makes a stop at MANN: from 15 July, on the occasion of the cultural programming on Thursday evenings, the National Archaeological Museum of Naples will set up a space dedicated to breastfeeding. The Baby Pit Stop project promoted by Unicef ​​and Soroptimist International of Italy, the global association of women committed to supporting the advancement of women in society and in the world of work. The permanent space dedicated to women and children.

The armchair

Soroptimist Italia has donated to the Museum a design armchair, with the not coincidental name Big Mama: the Baby Pit Stop of the Museum, thus, is configured not only as a space reserved for mothers, but also as an in-depth corner, to discover, through ancient art, the meaning of breastfeeding over the centuries. In fact, near the station, three finds are presented in the showcase: they are little known works, coming from the deposits or undergoing restoration. On display is the bronze statue of the Borgia collection depicting Isis lactans, dating back to the late dynastic period: the enthroned goddess nursing her son Horus / Harpocrates. Also, a small bronze from the Ptolemaic age, depicting a woman carrying on one shoulder the simulacrum of the cat goddess Bastet, linked to fertility, motherhood and the protection of the reproductive sphere; finally, a bronze votive group from the Roman age, with the representation of a cat nursing puppies, once again the image of the goddess Bastet in her aspect of mother and nurse. With the next restyling of the Atrium, the Baby Pit Stop will be enriched by a bookcase, with children’s books donated by the Coelmo company.

The inauguration

At the opening evening of the Baby Pit Stop set-up, the Director of Mann Paolo Giulierini, the President of Soroptimist Italy Mariolina Coppola and the President of Unicef ​​Campania Emilia Narciso who illustrated the characteristics of the project to the public with a focus on the symbolism of breastfeeding in the past is present.

July 16, 2021 | 09:21

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