“Naples heritage in danger”: the Assizes ask for inspection by Unesco

twelve o’clock, March 20 2021 – 19:45

The Assizes of the City of Naples with the deputy De Lorenzo ask for an inspection intervention on the construction sites of Piazza Plebiscito, of Monte Echia and in general on the state of the perimeter heritage of humanity

of Luca Marconi

Monte Echia

NAPLES – The disastrous state of the city of Naples, its streets, the waterfront, the parks and in particular the perimeter heritage of humanity has induced the Assizes of the City of Naples and the South to write a letter to Unesco to ask for a inspection, together with the parliamentarian Rina Valeria De Lorenzo (Leu) who has already presented some questions on the ruin of the monumental heritage and the Neapolitan landscape. An urgent inspection because it is requested in particular on the everlasting construction sites in progress, very slow but proceeding – net of anti-mafia prohibitions or extensions of European funding otherwise lost – meanwhile modifying the appearance of the most significant portions of the metropolis.

The deterioration concerns the best known area of ​​Naples, that of the waterfront and also affects the most representative monuments: Castel Nuovo, Castel dell’Ovo, Palazzo Reale, San Carlo, Piazza del Plebiscito and Monte Echia, place of the first human settlement in Naples and seat of a villa attributed to Lucullus, summarizes De Lorenzo, also citing the excavations for the metro and the collapse of Palazzo Guevara on the Riviera di Chiaia. This is yet another SOS of intellectuals but which today finds confirmation in the urgencies dictated by the Recovery Plan in terms of landscape defense, underlines De Lorenzo, who beats in particular on Piazza del Plebiscito also affected by the construction of the metro and on Monte Echia where there is another construction site for the construction of an elevator that crossed the mountain for over 30 meters ending with a tower about 3 meters high which prevents the view of the Gulf. Unesco must intervene immediately.

The press conference was attended by Professor Giulio Comella, president of the Assizes, Marta Herling, the historian of architecture Giulio Pane, the geologist Riccardo Caniparoli, Antonio Polichetti, author of the book “La MetroCricca” and Franco Iannelllo, secretary general of the Assizes.

And here is the letter signed by Comella, Iannello and Francesco De Notaris addressed to Unesco.

The historic center of Naples, a UNESCO heritage site. It is considered, for its uniqueness, the point of excellence of the Italian cultural, landscape and natural heritage and is rated as being of international importance. The reckless interventions in Piazza del Plebiscito, in the Municipal Villa and on Mount Echia, Acropolis of Partenope, on the top of which, in the archaeological area, a tower for the cabin of an elevator was built, risk jeopardizing the prestigious recognition with serious damage to the image. for Naples and for our country. The requests, made by academic architects, geologists, environmentalists, representatives of qualified committees, of the inhabitants of the city, technically and legally possible to introduce changes to the project recklessly started in times past with the approval of the competent Superintendency, have not been heard and acceptance. Stakeholders engaged in this cultural battle for the public enjoyment of the landscape and the protection of the environment (in its geological and geomorphological aspects). Therefore, an inspection by an authoritative UNESCO Commission is requested, if deemed appropriate. The interest of Italian and European journalists, parliamentarians and experts is hoped to verify the status of the sites. The immediate intervention of the competent Authorities is also requested to verify whether the regulations in force were respected during the works and if the authorizations requested by the designers were accompanied by the necessary documents and the illustration of the place, home to Roman ruins belonging to the Villa of Lucullus. where, after being deposed, he was confined by Odoacer in 476 BC Romulus Augustulus, the last Roman emperor of the West.

March 20, 2021 | 19:45

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