Napoli remains in “health” on the pitch and as a brand

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twelve o’clock, December 5, 2021 – 11:26 am

Spalletti confident after the defeat against Atalanta: “We will fight until the end”. The YouGov survey rewards the Azzurri: second only to Milan

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On the evening in which Napoli lost the primacy, the positive feeling of having held up credibly to the healthiest team in the league remains in the team group. Napoli Atalanta was a true and credible match, despite Spalletti having to resort to unprecedented solutions (module change with the three-man defense) to deal with five absent owners (practically the backbone of the team) plus the forfeit per match in progress Lobotka. The coach, disqualified, saw the match from the box on the top floor of the Maradona stadium, at the end he underlined the team’s performance, despite the defeat: “We were at Atalanta level and in the second half we deserved to score. likewise. I liked the attitude, the sacrifice and the team spirit with which we faced the match, despite many absences. The public perceived, saw our commitment and supported us. I am sure that we will remain attached to the bandwagon of the first in the standings. By playing like this we remain competitive until the end ».


Napoli lost the lead but paradoxically increased their self-esteem: they were able to keep up with Atalanta despite having distorted their tactical face. In the league in the upper area it therefore remains in balance, and not just so much from a strictly football point of view. Napoli is also healthy as a brand, according to a research carried out by YouGov Italia which since 2019 has been continuously monitoring the perception of professional clubs seen from the brand perspective. The last two seasons of the Italian football league have brought more balance to the fight for the Scudetto, consequently making it more exciting for fans. Milan is currently (first 14 days), the strongest football brand in Italy, followed by Napoli then by Inter and Juventus in third and fourth position. In the first 14 days of the past season, it was Juventus who occupied the top step of the podium. The YouGov index with which the brand’s health status is calculated is composed of six KPIs, concerning the perceived of clubs in the following areas: the appreciation of the players and coaches of a club (Players and Coaches), the quality of management ( Management), Fun culture, tradition (Tradition), the expression of an exciting game (Attractive Football), success on the pitch (Success).

December 5, 2021 | 11:26

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