“Napolitano rare person, I miss meeting my father at home”

“Napolitano rare person, I miss meeting my father at home”

2023-09-22 21:45:14

“I feel very sorry, we knew each other well since I was a little girl, we hung out with my father Alvaro: he was a truly rare person, of great political balance and cultural refinement. Truly an excellent person. I always respected him very much and I really loved him Well”. Simona Marchini underlines this, interviewed by time.news immediately after the news of Giorgio Napolitano’s passing.

The director and actress confides: “I organized a dance gala with Roberto Bolle and invited him and his wife: she told me she would come but with her niece and wanted to buy the tickets despite my invitation, this to make people understand how they were made. .. I was behind the scenes and they called me in a hurry telling me that instead the President had arrived with his wife. During the interval he came to greet all the artists, but Bolle was not ready to go down a spiral staircase from his dressing room. I tried so embarrassed by this situation, especially when they told me that Bolle was ready but didn’t come down anyway: it was them, Napolitano and his wife, who climbed the spiral staircase to greet him, very kind compared to what I judged to be a gesture of rude vanity from part of Bolle. I would have buried myself… A story, previously unpublished, which deserves to be told today.”

Simona Marchini’s last direct meeting with President Giorgio Napolitano and his wife “was some time ago, at breakfast in a restaurant in Piazza del Popolo in Rome, on a Sunday: we greeted and hugged each other with great affection and he had retained that politeness that has always distinguished him. I would have liked to go and visit him recently, but his niece explained to me that he wasn’t feeling so well anymore and perhaps it wasn’t the case: I’m not an intrusive type and I didn’t insist, but I Since that day, I have greatly missed the wonderful dimension of a direct meeting with him, which took me back to the time and world of his meetings with my father, in my home. How nostalgic!”.

(by Enzo Bonaiuto)

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