NASA: Sixth Ingenuity Helicopter Flight on Mars Crossed

The press service of the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration has released details of the sixth flight of the Ingenuity helicopter to Mars, which took place on May 22.

It is clarified that the helicopter was tasked with climbing to a height of 10 m, moving 150 m to the south-west at a speed of 4 m / s, and then moving another 15 m to the south, making color photography, and then 50 m to the north. east and land.

“Telemetry shows that the first stage passed without interference. But then Ingenuity began to sway, sometimes losing or gaining speed until the very end of the flight. Onboard sensors showed that the helicopter’s roll and pitch deviations were more than 20 degrees,” NASA reports.

It is specified that the landing was successful 5 m from the target location.


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