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[Voice of Hope, September 24, 2022](Editor: Wang Anji)A daring mission is about to begin on September 26, when a NASA spacecraft will crash into a distant asteroid. The mission, costing $330 million, is to test how the planet can be protected in the future and prevent the end of the world. This is humanity’s first test of planetary defense. There will be no threat to Earth during and after the test.

According to comprehensive media reports, this is part of the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission launched late last year. The spacecraft will smash into a 160-meter-wide asteroid, named Dimorphos, at 14,000 miles per hour. The purpose of its tests is not to destroy the asteroid, which is harmless to Earth. But whether it can knock the asteroid out of its orbit. NASA wants to know if humans can reroute asteroids in space in order to effectively steer them away from Earth. If the test is successful, if a dangerous asteroid or comet threatens the earth in the future, they can take the same measures to strengthen the defense preparation of the earth and save the world.

NASA’s Dr. Thomas Z said. “Dimophos is not a threat to Earth, nor is it possible for us to make it toward Earth. This is just a test to see if propelling asteroids is a repeatable, viable technology that we can leverage in the future. If a hazard is detected far enough away from Earth, even a small change in altering an asteroid’s trajectory could have a differential impact on the asteroid’s impact on our planet, and it could be avoided entirely.”

NASA will use powerful Earth-based telescopes to observe the impact of the impacting asteroid, while the spacecraft itself has powerful cameras and sensors to measure and record the impact.

The DART mission, which was launched last year by Elon Musk’s SpaceX company, took so long to reach its destination, it’s possible to know how far it is. If the mission is successful, it could mean a future where Earth could be protected from the deadly meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs.

Crash countdown! DART spacecraft will deliberately hit an asteroid on Sept. 26 at 7:14 p.m.Dimovers. Looking forward to watching NASAThe live broadcast of:

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