Next tonasal obstruction, lack of smell and taste is the primary symptom of nasal polyposis and also the one with the greatest impact. “About 9 out of 10 patients living with severe nasal polyposis suffer from a decrease or loss of these two senses, greatly reducing their ability to lead an active social life. It is also the main symptom responsible for psychological distress.” This was stated by Laura Mastrorillo, president of FederAsma e Allergie – Italian Federation of OdV patients, speaking at the webinar ‘Don’t bang your nose against nasal polyposis’.

The virtual event, promoted and organized by Sanofi, was also attended by Simona Barbaglia, president of Respiriamo Insieme Onlus, Mario Bussi, director of the Otolaryngology Unit of the Irccs San Raffaele in Milan and president of the Congress of the Italian Society of Otolaryngology and Surgery head and neck (SIOeChCF), Gaetano Paludetti, president of SIOeChCF and director of the Otolaryngology UOC of the A. Gemelli Irccs University Hospital of Rome and Catholic University, Gianenrico Senna, president of the Italian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, and Michele Barletta, head Sanofi Immunology Franchise Respiratory Area.

“Nasal polyposis is one disabling condition that considerably reduces the quality of life of patients who are affected by it – explained Mastrorillo – Nasal obstruction, poor ventilation, sleep disturbances, headaches and respiratory infections are serious disorders that require adequate and multidisciplinary management. For this reason, each patient must be directed by his own doctor to the competent specialist who will have the task of monitoring his condition and establishing, with the help of the pulmonologist, the allergist and, where necessary, the immunologist necessary follow-ups “.

“Chronic rhinusinusitis with polyposis significantly affects the quality of life of the people who suffer from it – added Barbaglia – because it involves serious limitations in numerous daily activities: from work, to socialization, to sleep. It is therefore absolutely necessary to intensify information and awareness of these pathologies, in order to provide patients with tools to change their condition and access specialist centers that approach the disease in a multidisciplinary way, ensuring timely and correct diagnosis and access to innovative drugs that are able to reduce or avoid surgery. To achieve this goal, the association will be engaged in awareness and engagement projects for these patients for some time, but even more intensely in the coming months “.

On the occasion of the online meeting, the awareness and information campaign ‘Win against the discomforts of nasal polyposis’ was presented, promoted by Sanofi, which provides those living with this pathology all the tools to be correctly informed about symptoms, causes and factors. risk and conveniently locate the nearest otolaryngology and allergology center through the website

“We were very happy to collaborate and support this initiative – said Barbaglia – because patients go through a long ordeal for years before arriving at a correct diagnosis. Our commitment as an association is to support patients every day and at the same time promote a better coordination between the various specialists involved in their care, in such a way as to guarantee innovative treatments and adequate and correct access to specialized centers that can make a correct diagnosis “.

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