Nasal tests in elementary school, the Italian school says

Nasal tests in elementary school, the Italian school says no – Chronicle

BOLZANO. Too many resistances and little clarity. The Italian school says no to “do it yourself” anti Covid nasal tests for elementary school.

Tomorrow, February 5th (with one day late because the release forms did not arrive on time), the pilot project starts in 18 schools (14 German and 4 Ladin) for a total of 1800/2000 pupils in South Tyrol. And there is no Italian.

If the experimentation gives positive and reliable results, the self-test – as they call it – will be extended next week to all 383 elementary schools in the province, where it will be carried out twice a week.

The trade unionists detect improvisation and hit the button of skills, the parents are perplexed to say the least, as are the teachers and managers themselves.

The ASL for its part has sent a letter to the families’ home to convince on the goodness of the test (and the fact that this is not invasive), but if the parents themselves do not carry it out, as the unions ask, it will be difficult an involvement of the Italian institutes.

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