Natalie Dadon was found unconscious in the bathroom at the Knesset

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The model and reality star Natalie Dadon She was found unconscious yesterday in the bathroom of the Knesset of Israel, she needed the care of a medic and regained consciousness. The dramatic story took place yesterday during a committee to promote the status of women on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, which will be held tomorrow. We organized the event Lehi Lapid, The wife of the alternate prime minister jIr Lapid, Gilat BenT. The Prime Minister’s wife Naftali Bennett And MK Keren Barak and Meirav Ben Ari.

At the end of the speeches, conference guests watched the play “Backyard Games” about a gang rape victim, Dadon shared excerpts from the show and even gave her input to the plot, but during the show Dadon began to feel bad after scenes flooded her with dark events from her life.

Natalie Dadon a few hours after the incident at the ” Factory 54 ” event (Photo: Rafi Daloia)

At the end of the play, Dadon quickly left the hall and a few minutes later was found by passers-by unconscious in the bathroom. A paramedic arrived at the scene and treated a model who had recovered and was escorted by security guards instead of returning to the train. So for all those who are worried, it is possible to breathe a sigh of relief. Dadon’s condition is good, for a moment after the surprising fainting she documented herself taking her son from kindergarten and in the evening she had already managed to show up at the launch event of a prestigious fashion brand, full of fashion and style.


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