Natalie Portman responds to Kanye West: “Hate must be fought with love”

This is how she wrote: “Seeing anti-Semitism raise its head again, breaks my heart. Hate must be fought through unlimited love for one another. Today, I send extra love to my Jewish friends and I send love to those who stand with us against these violent words and actions. It was It’s painful and scary to hear. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart to those who continue to speak out condemning anti-Semitism and condemning all forms of racism.”

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As you can see, the actress didn’t directly mention Kanye West in the post, but it’s hard not to relate her words to the vilified rapper, who is stirring up a wave of anti-Semitism these days, with dark organizations raising their heads with their support of Kanye. The voices against the rapper have also been increasing recently, when the forum of his fans on Reddit – became a column commemorating the memory of the Holocaust.


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