National 2: Paris 13 Atletico is betting on Frédéric Advice, a coach from the North

National 2: Paris 13 Atletico is betting on Frédéric Advice, a coach from the North

2023-05-31 18:44:32

Last week, Paris 13 Atletico passed without incident before the DNCG. Unlike many National clubs, today in difficulty, Paris 13 did not spend the money it did not have. But sportingly, he necessarily missed something and he went back down to National 2 a year after his rise. “We know that often the season following a downhill can be complicated, explains president Frédéric Pereira. We went up, we could see what the National was like. Now, the idea is to structure the club, work on infrastructure and facilities hand in hand with the town hall of the 13th arrondissement and hire key positions. That way, if we hit the door of the National again in 2-3 years, it will be with other weapons. »

Arrived in February, the Portuguese coach Filipe Moreira will not continue in N2. After studying several profiles, the leaders of Paris 13 Atletico chose Frédéric Advice-Desruisseaux (40 years old). If he is not very well known in the Paris region, he enjoys a big coast in the North where he has just spent 11 years at Olympique Marcquois, a club he raised from Regional 3 to National 3 .

“We wanted a coach who has the slab”

But he grew up in the Paris region and played in Sarcelles (95) before joining the Lille training center. He then moved to Kidderminster (D4 England), Avion, Fréjus and Cisco Roma (D4 Italy) before stopping his playing career at 27 and embarking on coaching. Alongside his coaching career, Frédéric Advice was a recruiter in the North for several L1 clubs (Rennes, Lille, Reims).

His profile seduced Frédéric Pereira. “We didn’t want to warm up,” explains the president of Paris 13 Atletico. We wanted a coach who had an atypical background, someone who comes from the bottom, who has the slab (sic), who wants to prove and who arrives with a conquering spirit. Not someone who talks about his former club or his facilities… He’s a former pro who hasn’t fully broken through so he’s put himself fully into coaching with climbs up to N3. In Hauts-de-France, he has a very good reputation, he is very well known for making his team play good football, with few means. In the Coupe de France, Marcq has often put the big players in difficulty. »

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