National access competition ends with almost 50 thousand students placed

National access competition ends with almost 50 thousand students placed

2023-09-30 01:14:00

Almost 50 thousand students were placed in the national competition for access to higher education, which concluded today with the publication of the results of the third phase, in which 1654 students entered.

Among the 4,757 candidates, close to half had not been placed in previous stages, with another 1,892 having been placed and even enrolling. There were also 640 who, despite being placed previously, did not enroll and 196 who competed now for the first time.

With the conclusion of the last phase, 49,996 students were able to place themselves in a higher education institution through the national access competition, for which 54,363 places had initially been allocated.

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Last year, around 50,300 people entered higher education through the same competition.

In a statement, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education also states that the majority of new students entered universities (29,876), with another 20,120 freshmen who obtained a place in the polytechnic subsystem.

In the first phase, 49,438 students had already been placed, followed by the second phase with a further 8,190 new university students. Many competed for more than one phase, and there may also be cases of students who, despite having obtained a place, did not enroll.

After the competition ended, more than four thousand vacancies remained unfilled, the majority in polytechnic institutes, where 85.1% of available places were occupied. In universities, on the other hand, 97.2% of the more than 30 thousand vacancies were filled.

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Institutions in the interior of the country were the least sought after by young people. At the Bragança Polytechnic Institute, the occupancy rate did not exceed 58.6%, followed by the polytechnics of Tomar (61.8%), Beja (66.6%) and Guarda (69.5%).

On the other hand, there were 20 universities and polytechnics that filled more than 90% of the available places and nine in which more than 98% of the places were occupied: the universities of Aveiro, Lisbon, Nova de Lisboa, Minho and Porto, ISCTE-IUL , the Polytechnic Institute of Porto and the higher nursing schools of Coimbra and Porto.

As usual, student interest also varies depending on the areas of study and, if there were no vacancies in areas such as Humanities and Transport Services, more than half were empty in others, such as Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries or Security Services.

In Education Sciences and Teacher Training, a priority area due to the increasing lack of teachers in schools, 96.3% of vacancies were filled.

Of the 1,875 vacancies left over from the third phase, higher education institutions can now use them to reinforce the vacancies already fixed in special competitions for access and entry into higher education.

Students have until Monday to register at the university or polytechnic where they were placed.


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