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NATO intends to launch an anti-crisis mechanism in connection with the movement of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border, he said. O. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. Speaking after talks with NATO allies in Riga on Tuesday, November 30, Mas said there was broad support for NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s proposal to take appropriate action. Now, according to him, it is necessary to come to a common view of the situation and develop possible ways of responding.

“Everyone here agrees that a violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine would have serious consequences – political, but also, of course, economic,” the dpa agency quoted Masa as saying. Military intervention in the conflict is considered extremely unlikely due to the threat of a large-scale war, the agency notes.

Mas stressed that the activity of the Russian army near the border with Ukraine is “extremely worrisome.” At the same time, he considers it necessary to continue to use all the possibilities for conducting a dialogue with Russia. “We need more transparency and therefore we will do everything possible to prevent escalation, but rather defuse the situation,” he said.

Stoltenberg: Russia will pay “high price” for attack on Ukraine

Before the start of the two-day meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Riga, Stoltenberg reiterated that Russia “will pay a high price if it again uses force against the independent sovereign state of Ukraine.” When asked by journalists what this price would be, he answered evasively: “We have different options. Over the years we have demonstrated that in response to Russia’s previous use of its troops against Ukraine, we can support tough economic and financial sanctions, as well as political sanctions. “.

At the same time, the head of the North Atlantic Alliance recalled the difference between NATO members – the Baltic states, Poland or Romania – and “a close and highly valued partner Ukraine.” He recalled that the alliance states train the Ukrainian military and provide the country with equipment. “And for NATO members, we have security guarantees, Article 5 (North Atlantic Treaty on Collective Defense. – Ed.), and we have a military presence to eliminate the possibility of miscalculations about our ability to protect all allies, “- said Stoltenberg.

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