NATO Secretary General: Russia Should Not Be Afraid of Ukraine’s Joining the Alliance | News from Germany about Ukraine | DW

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that Russia should not be afraid of Ukraine joining NATO. “The expansion of NATO over the past decades has essentially contributed to peace and stability throughout Europe, so Russia should in no way fear or try to veto or prevent any sovereign country from joining the alliance,” he said at a press conference following the second day. consultations of NATO defense ministers on Friday, October 22, in Brussels.

Stoltenberg responded negatively to the question of whether he fears that opening up the prospect of joining NATO for Ukraine could provoke Russian aggression.

“No, I’m not afraid, partly because NATO is a defensive alliance, and partly because the question of when Ukraine joins NATO should be decided by Ukraine and the 30 member countries of the alliance. Sovereign independent states have the right to choose their own path. It is up to Ukraine to decide whether it wants to join NATO, and the business of 30 members of the alliance is to decide when Ukraine will be ready for this and when it will meet NATO standards, “Jens Stoltenberg said.

Putin fears Ukraine joining NATO

On the eve of October 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin at a plenary session of the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi said that the military support provided by the West to Ukraine poses a threat to his country. Formal entry of Ukraine into the alliance may not happen, but the military development of Ukraine by NATO countries is already underway, and this poses a threat to Russia, he said.

Earlier, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, at a meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart Andrei Taran in Kiev, said that “no third country has the right to veto NATO membership,” and Ukraine “has the right to decide its future foreign policy without external interference.”

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