Natura Siberica lost access to half of its production facilities

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Dmitrovskiy Experimental Plant of Aluminum and Combined Tape (DOZAKL) unilaterally terminated the lease agreement with the operating company of the cosmetics manufacturer Natura Siberica – “First Solution”. This is stated in the company’s Telegram channel. The representative of Natura Siberica explained to Vedomosti that about half of the production area of ​​the cosmetic company is located on the territory of DOZAKL.

“On August 30, 2021, the workers of our production facility in Dmitrov could not start performing their duties. The entrance to the plant was blocked by his guards, ”the message says.

In response, First Decision filed a lawsuit against DOZAKL. “On September 14, 2021, we filed a lawsuit in court for violations in the termination of the lease agreement and for illegal restriction of access to the property of Pervoye Reshenie LLC. The last claim alone amounts to about RUB 0.5 billion, ”the company said in a statement. The fact of filing a statement of claim is reflected in the file of arbitration cases. The date of the first meeting has not yet been set.

In March last year, a fire broke out on the territory of the plant in the production room of Natura Siberica (the power supply assets of DOZAKL are registered with En + Recycling). After that, DOZAKL filed a lawsuit against the First Decision and demanded that the defendant pay him 2.67 billion rubles, Ingosstrakh – 1.49 billion rubles. On September 14, the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region partially satisfied the claim of the companies En + Recycling and Ingosstrakh against the First Decision. This company will have to pay almost 3 billion rubles, sources told Vedomosti. Initially, the plaintiffs demanded a total of 4.1 billion rubles from the Natura Siberica structure.

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Natura Siberica was founded in 2008 by Andrey Trubnikov. The company produces cosmetic products under the brand of the same name, as well as the brands “Granny Agafia’s Recipes”, Organic Shop, Planeta Organica, etc. On January 7, 2021 Trubnikov died, after which a hereditary and corporate conflict began in the company. Now two children from their first marriage, a child from a second marriage and the third wife of a businessman, Anastasia, are claiming shares in the company.

On September 16, Natura Siberica filed a lawsuit against the first wife and business partner of the company’s founder, Andrei Trubnikov, Irina Trubnikova. The amount of the claims amounted to about 1.7 billion rubles. The representative of Natura Siberica explained to Vedomosti that “in its claims, the company asks to recover from the defendants significant damage that was caused as a result of the withdrawal of the group’s key trademarks abroad in 2020”.

“The company will also ask the arbitration court to recognize the transactions for the withdrawal of trademarks abroad as invalid and demand their return to the original copyright holders,” the spokesman said.

The transfer of Natura Siberica trademarks to the Estonian OU Good Design took place against the backdrop of a legal conflict, The Bell reported. In the summer of 2020, the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region arrested part of the trademarks owned by Trubnikov and his family as part of interim measures at the claim of En + Recycling LLC for 4.5 billion rubles.


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