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Film star Navya Nair has a dance school in Kochi. A dance school called ‘Matangi School of Performing Arts’ was started with the aim of learning and promoting classical dance forms.

Matangi School of Performing Arts’ has been started in Ernakulam Kakkanad steps. Famous dancer Priyadarshini Govind Matangi inaugurated the two-day long workshop under the leadership of Priyadarshini Govind.

Navyanair said that he felt lucky to be able to host the dance workshop with the artist whom he admired since childhood. Navya Nair also expressed the desire that the name Matangi should come to mind when one hears art

Matangi’s official website was launched by director CB Malail. The function was presided over by Surya Krishnamurthy and many people including prominent people from the film and dance industry like K. Madhu, SN Swamy, VK Prakash and others participated.


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