In Tamil cultural weddings, the bridegroom will tie the thali made of yellow rope a little thicker for the bride on the wedding day. Then on a good day most families will exchange the new thali for a gold chain or a thin rope to ‘split the thali’.

Actress Nayanthara and director Vignesh Sivan recently got married in a Hindu ceremony. The newlyweds are currently celebrating their honeymoon in Thailand. Vignesh Sivan had already posted the photos taken by them there on social websites.

Meanwhile, a new photo of Nayantara has been widely circulated on social media. There is a photo of Nayantara with a new thali around her neck. It is common for newlyweds, especially actresses, to cover the thali with clothing when celebrities go to work. They are itching to pretend to be a newly married woman. Only a few women will go on to say that it is okay to know that new thali.

Actress Nayanthara has posed for photos without hiding the new Tali in her photos. As the daughter-in-law of Tamil Nadu, she has started following the Tamil culture.

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