Nayanthara Latest News: Nayanthara Buy New House In Chennai Poes Garden and Business Investment | Nayanthara owns cool house; With Rajinikanth and Dhanush, Chaiwala’s investment is different

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Nayantara’s new home in Pooja Garden, Chennai has four bedrooms. It is learned that Vighnesh Sivan will also be staying with Nayanthara in this house. Pooja Garden in Chennai is a hub of luxury homes. Former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s house in Pooja Garden has been in the news even recently. This was after the court ordered Jayalalithaa’s relatives to vacate the house.


Superstar Rajinikanth has a house in Pooja Garden. Nearby, Dhanush is building his dream mansion. Nayanthara had a rumor that she was planning to buy two houses in Pooja Garden. But the latest news is that he has bought a house. Although it is reported that Nayantara bought the house in Pooja Garden for crores of rupees, the figures related to this have not been made public.


Nayanthara recently turned 37 years old. Vignesh was seen celebrating his birthday with Lord Shiva. Nayanthara is currently working on multiple film projects. Nayanthara will play the lead role in Vighnesh’s film Kathuvakkula Randu Kathal with Vighnesh Shiva.

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Nayanthara’s upcoming films are Shah Rukh Khan starrer Lion and Ashwan Saravanan’s Connect. Nayantara got engaged to Vighnesh Sivan earlier this year. It was a ceremony attended by relatives of both. The actress revealed this in a recent interview. Nayantara had said that the marriage will be announced to everyone.


The news that Nayantara has made a huge investment in Chaiwala came months ago. Chaiwala is a Chennai based beverage brand. The company is preparing to make a new history in the restaurant chain. The company currently has 20 stores. Chaiwala was founded by Vidur Maheshwari. Vidur Maheshwari explained about the new investment and the decisions to expand the restaurants.

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Apart from Nayanthara and Vighnesh Sivan, some other business groups and individuals have also invested in Chaiwala. The decision has been taken to increase the number of Chaiwala stores to 35 by next year. The investment received will be spent on it. Chaiwala said Kovid would set up more stores soon if concerns abated.


Chaiwala is all set to set up stores in all the major cities of Tamil Nadu. Chaiwala is experimenting with new types of food and ingredients. Prior to that, the new investment was accepted. The investment of those including Nayantara will benefit the expansion and promotion of the company.

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