Nayanthara pregnant: Nayanthara pregnancy: happiness that ended in a few hours – Nayanthara Vignesh Shivan fans are upset

Another rumor about Nayanthara has left her fans disappointed.


Nayanthara and director Vignesh Sivan got married on June 9 at a resort in Mahabalipuram. After that they went to Thailand for their honeymoon. Since returning to the country, Nayanthara has been participating in shootings non-stop. Vicky is also busy with Chess Olympiad.


News spread that Nayanthara had been admitted to the hospital due to sudden vomiting. The fans were happy saying that Vomitiya, if that is the case, the heroine is pregnant. But that happiness did not last long.


Nayanthara neither vomited nor was admitted to the hospital. He is acting in Jayam Ravi movie. As if Nayanthara and Vasandiya cannot be separated. It was often rumored that Nayanthara was married until the thali hung around her neck. In this case, the pregnancy rumor has started.


It was often rumored that Nayanthara was pregnant until she gave birth. The conversation doesn’t end until Nayanthara says I’m pregnant. But he also has a lot of pictures. So there is no idea of ​​having a child at the moment.


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