Nayanthara to compete with Dhanush .. Vignesh Sivan who booked Renda for one

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Usually buying a place or video in Chennai is not an easy task. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Because only VIPs can be there. For example, people like the late Chief Minister Jayalalithaa and superstar Rajinikanth are living there.

Lady Superstar Nayantara is currently online in this line. Yes Nayantara has bought a flat in Boise Garden. Maybe buy one or two flats. To date, not only Kollywood but also Nayanthara is the number one actress in South Indian cinema.

Not only that but Star Jodina is also Nayan and Vicky. Kollywood is waiting for Ivanka’s wedding to take place. Ana Nayanthara currently owns almost 6 films in Tamil and Malayalam. So he is expected to get married only after completing this.

After the marriage, Nayan and Vicky look for a place to live in peace. That’s why you should have seen the apartment in Boise Garden. We can book two awesome apartments without one because the apartment is so fond of Nayan.

The soon-to-be-married Vicky Nine couple is expected to move into Boise Garden. The Lady Superstar is currently in the process of settling down in Boise Garden. Another thing is that Dhanush, the son-in-law of popular actor and superstar Rajinikanth, has recently paid homage to Bhoomi for building a house in Boise Garden.


In this situation, since Nayantara has bought an apartment in the same area, there is a rumor that she has bought it to compete with Dhanush.

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