Nayanthara wishes: Nayanthara in Chema Kushi..Message posted with boyfriend … Do you know what to say?

Chennai, First Published Dec 31, 2021, 8:24 PM IST

It is a well known fact that actress Nayanthara – Vignesh Sivan couple, who have been successfully dating for less than 6 years, have a habit of dating from time to time and posting romantic photos and hating Sickles.

As well as preparing to take their love life to the next level, the couple is said to be on the verge of getting married next year.

Nayanthara who attended the event hosted by DD for the promotion of the film ‘Forehead’. At the time, he and Vignesh had said that their secret engagement to Lord Shiva was over and the marriage is definitely expected to take place this year.

Seeing that Nayantara will finish acting in the films in her possession before marriage, she has become a comedian in several films in a row. As well as the tea company, beauty products, movies, can be seen inverting money in various companies.

Nayanthara, who has been celebrating her boyfriend Vignesh Siva for the last few years, has even celebrated this year’s Christmas with her boyfriend.

In this situation, Nayanthara and Vignesh Sivan have released a report about Rowdy Pictures. Vignesh Sivan-Nayanthara said that the support and love given by the fans to Rowdy Pictures has given them great pleasure and encouragement and they are happy that the first year of their production company has been a successful one.

Rowdy production for thanks giving with Crew members of their projects.

Further. Both are proud to say that the positive reviews they received for the Netrikan and Rocky films made them a name for their company. Vignesh Sivan – Nayanthara are happy to announce that Rowdy Pictures is all set to die in the field next year with 4 new films: Awesome Love, Connect, Wanging, Talking Strawberry Ice Cream, Sparrow.

Rowdy production for thanks giving with Crew members of their projects.

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