NBA: A 20-year-old wants to beat up superstar LeBron James

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Basketball Tumult at the NBA game

A 20-year-old wants to beat up superstar LeBron James

Detroit Pistons - Los Angeles Lakers

Detroit center Isaiah Stewart freaked out after a foul by LeBron James

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Wild scenes in the NBA. Isaiah Stewart tries to beat superstar LeBron James in the Detroit Pistons game against the LA Lakers. It can only be held back with difficulty. A team-mate of James emphasizes: “We will protect our brother.”

ISaiah Stewart couldn’t be reassured at all. The center of the Detroit Pistons had to be held back by several teammates and team supervisors. They didn’t really succeed. Stewart tore himself away again and again to attack basketball superstar LeBron James. Stewart ran blood on his face, it was wild scenes in the 121: 116 of the LA Lakers against the Pistons in the NBA.

The trigger for the turmoil was the struggle for a rebound, which did not exist at all. Detroit’s Jerami Grant converted a free throw in the third quarter. With the ball in the air, James and Stewart fought for a better position for the possible rebound. With Grant hitting the free throw, James turned to position himself for the Lakers attack.

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The 36-year-old Stewart caught his elbow in the face. Whether on purpose or not is unclear. Stewart went down with a cut over his right eye, only to jump up and freak out a little later. The 20-year-old was getting angrier with every second and had to be held back by team members several times.

“We will protect our brother.”

James stayed reasonably calm and watched the wild goings-on. The superstar received a dismissal from the referees for the foul. It was only the second time in James’ long career that he was sent off the field for a “Flagrant 2 foul”. Stewart was also not allowed to continue playing and had to go into the dressing room.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Detroit Pistons

LeBron James had to leave the field after his third quarter foul

Quelle: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports/Raj Mehta

“I don’t know what he wanted – but not a single player on our team would have allowed that,” said Lakers star Anthony Davis about Stewart’s attempted attack on James: “We will protect our brother. As long as I’ve been playing I’ve never seen a player try that. “

The Lakers turned the game around in the last quarter and are at least back with a balanced record of nine wins and nine losses. After a quarter of the season, the NBA record champions are still lagging behind their own claims and are currently not on a place with direct qualification for the play-offs.


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