NDP to vote Liberals when necessary, Singh warns

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(Ottawa) The minority government of Justin Trudeau will have to work hard to obtain the vote of the New Democratic Party (NDP) caucus for its Speech from the Throne and its various bills.

Catherine levesque
The Canadian Press

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh warns his troops will be ready to support Liberal initiatives if and only if they are aligned with his party’s progressive values. Singh believes a good place to start would be to forgo appealing a court decision related to compensation for First Nations children removed from their families.

The NDP also says it is ready to work together to implement federally paid sick days, as well as to advance agreements for a national $ 10 per day child care system in the country.

Mr Singh also said he was ready to refuse support if liberal initiatives did not meet the “standards” of the New Democrats. He promises to rely on the results of the Liberals and not on their “nice words.”

This is a toughening of tone on the part of Mr. Singh who, in the last Parliament, said he was ready to support the minority mandate of the Liberal government for four years, if necessary, in order to move issues forward. common. The NDP was notably the Liberals’ only ally during its Speech from the Throne in fall 2020 and its budget in spring 2021.

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