Near Las Vegas, Mafia Crimes Rise to the Surface

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Near Las Vegas, Mafia Crimes Rise to the Surface

INVESTIGATION – By lowering the level of Lake Meade, global warming causes the reappearance of corpses, potentially victims of the underworld of “Sin City”.

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The majestic Lake Mead, an artificial reservoir planted in the middle of the arid mountains of Nevada, has been reduced to a trickle by the fault of global warming. And as the water level drops, curious discoveries await onlookers and experts from the US Army Corps of Engineers, 65 kilometers east of Las Vegas.

Le 1is May, on a beach, a silted barrel was discovered by walkers, who were going to be quit for a macabre experience. The metal drum contained a body in an advanced state of decomposition. After cordoning off the area, the police made the first findings: the victim was too unrecognizable to be identified and did not carry any nominative document on her. On the other hand, she was dressed in cheap clothes – a shirt, a belt, shoes with the Kmart logo (a low-cost supermarket chain) going up “in the early 1980s”, says Lieutenant Ray Spencer, of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police…

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