Nearly 60% of App Store downloads were in App Store Ads

Apple’s Search Ads division, which is responsible for placing search ads on the App Store, could generate $ 5 billion for the company in the current fiscal year and reach $ 30 billion in three years, reports the Financial Times (FT) with reference based on data from analysts at Evercore ISI. Analyst firm Branch adds that the proportion of downloads attributable to clicks from ads to the App Store has grown from 17% a year ago to 58%.

Analysts attribute the increased numbers to Apple’s decision to disable ad tracking by other apps by default. Kochava’s vice president of customer analytics Grant Simmons told the FT that since April, advertisers using networks from Facebook, Google, Twitter and other services receive data on the effectiveness of advertising on Apple devices only after a time, up to 72 hours, and in an average form. … At the same time, Apple’s advertising service continues to provide detailed information.

Note that in October, Facebook announced a change in the ad audience counting algorithm. According to the new method, if a person has not linked their Facebook and Instagram accounts, then they will be counted as two different people. Previously, the company would aggregate data if it believed it was shared by the same person – for example, if Facebook and Instagram were installed on the same device.



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