Neato’s robotic vacuum cleaners arrive in Israel

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At an event held in Tel Aviv, Biconnect announced the beginning of the official import and marketing of Neato Robotics’ new robotic vacuum cleaner models in Israel.

Biconnect will launch in Israel the D series of Niato’s smart robotic vacuum cleaners. The name D was given to them because of the body in the shape of the letter D, which the company claims “allows the vacuum cleaner to use brushes that reach corners that round vacuum cleaners do not reach.”

The company prides itself on being a company for robotic products that incorporate advanced technologies such as LaserSmart which, like smart cars, uses LiDAR, laser technology for mapping and navigation at the same time. Unlike camera-based vacuum cleaners, performance is not compromised when used in dark environments nor does it pose a risk to users’ privacy since Niato vacuum cleaners do not capture images of users and their environment.

According to the company, the new vacuum cleaners offer other advantages in the field of technical specifications: a 0.7 liter collection container for less frequent emptying, a 28 cm wide brush – the widest in the category – and 2 additional filters for filtering between 99.5 and 99.7 from allergens up to 0.3 microns. The prestigious D10 in the series also offers deep pumping for homes with pets and a working time of 5 hours with fast charging within 40 minutes.

The MyNeato app allows you to control the vacuum cleaners. You can view encrypted mapping data in the cloud, set timings, set up forbidden areas without the use of physical barriers, and use activation using voice commands for Google Assistant and Alexa from Amazon.

Biconnect will now offer marketing and service for the products when they give the Israeli buyer a two-year warranty, collection from the customer’s home within 48 hours, return time of up to 4 days, telephone support service and text call and in the future also translation of the application into Hebrew.

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Among the models that will be officially launched in Israel can be found the Neato D10 and D9 that were launched in October alongside the D8 that was launched earlier. They are available for purchase starting today at prices of NIS 2,790, 2,390 and NIS 1,990, respectively.

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