Negative closing for a day full of stock market reports; Housing and Construction decreased by 3%

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Ongoing reporting from the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: the important updates, the prominent stocks, the bonds and the analysts’ updates

17:25 – The stock market closed down – the Tel Aviv 35 and Tel Aviv 125 indices weakened by 0.4%, and Tel Aviv Banks maintained its opening level.

Arad jumped 6.2% after announcing a self-acquisition and separation of subsidiaries. The Biogroup bonus was 0.6% stronger against the backdrop of good results in a drug trial for Corona.

Turbogen jumped 30.6% on its trading day on the stock exchange and closed at a market value of NIS 162.7 million. Retailers climbed 7% and completed a 28.1% jump from the beginning of the week.

After the reports were published, on the positive side – Sheikh Medical rose by 6%, Net Melinda climbed by 4%, Communications Space rose by 2.2%, Azorim added 1.5%, Azrieli climbed by 0.3%. On the downside – Housing and Construction fell 3%, Paz Oil lost 2.8%, Victory retreated 1.9%, Snow, El Al and Castro weakened 1.1%.

16:45 – The declines in the leading indices are deepening, in parallel with a negative opening on the New York stock exchanges. TA 35 weakened by 0.6%, TA 125 retreated by 0.7% and TA Banks declined by 0.3%.

Victory is down 1.8% after reporting a 20% drop in net profit. The supermarket chain ended the third quarter with a net profit of NIS 12.6 million. Sales weakened at a lower rate of 4.5% and amounted to NIS 588 million.

14:20 – Poalim centralizes the highest turnover on the stock exchange, NIS 38.1 million. Prominent cycles in two of the stocks starring today (see early updates): Bonus Group has a turnover of NIS 16.9 million (Friday on the stock exchange), compared to a daily average of NIS 2.7 million last month; Arad with a turnover of NIS 7.8 million, compared to a daily average of NIS 1.7 million.

12:30 – After a loss of NIS 32 million in the previous quarter and a loss of NIS 174 million in the corresponding quarter last year, inPaz returns to the plus in the bottom line of the reports: The fuel and retail company recorded a profit of NIS 60 million in the third quarter of 2021. Revenues grew by 62% to NIS 3 billion. Paz shares are down 1.5%.

They also published results: Shikun VeBinui weakened by 2.7%, Snow weakened by 1.8%.

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Paz gas station yellow yellow store

Paz gas station yellow yellow store


12:00 – Turbogen rose 14.8% on its first trading day on the stock exchange, to a value of NIS 143 million. The company is developing a multi-fuel micro-turbine for self-generation of electricity and heat in buildings and structures.

11:15 – Rises in Whale shares: Ratio climbs 2%, Delek Drilling and its controlling shareholder, Delek Group, rise 1.5%.

10:00 – Trading opened, with no significant movement in the Tel Aviv 35 and 125 indices; after the reports: Azriel is up 0.8%, structure is up 0.5%, Sheikh Medical is up 4.5%. 35, the Israel Company is down 1.3% at the bottom of the index.

Bonus Group jumps 12.3% following encouraging results in a Phase 2 trial of a drug it developed for Corona. Arad jumps 12.5% ​​after the announcement of a NIS 100 million repurchase and the separation of the subsidiaries into independent ones; After the reports: Azriel increases by 0.9%, structure increases by 0.5%, Sheikh Medical strengthens by 4.5%.

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Shlomo Eisenberg, who controls Arad

(Photo: Amit Shaal)

9:50 – Also published results (among others): Net Melinda, Communication Space, Areas, Schnep and Arad.

9:45 – Bonus Biogroup reports that in the Phase 2 clinical trial of its drug (MesenCure) for severe corona patients suffering from life-threatening pneumonia and respiratory distress, participants’ survival rate was 94% – 47 out of 50 patients, within a 30-day follow-up period of treatment. The drug reduced the mortality of severe corona patients by about 70%, compared with mortality in the control group.

9:35 – Nofar Energy reports on the acquisition of a portfolio of solar projects in Poland with a total capacity of approximately 185 megawatts.

9:25 – El Al concludes its third quarter with a jump in revenue to $ 253 million, compared to $ 39.1 million in the same quarter last year – an increase of 14% compared to the second quarter of 2021.

The operating loss was $ 109 million, compared to $ 108.2 million in the same quarter last year. Financing expenses were reduced to $ 27.9 million, compared to $ 40 million in the corresponding quarter. The net loss was $ 136.1 million, compared to a loss of $ 146.6 million in the same quarter last year.

Revenue from ticket sales increased 32% compared to the previous quarter to $ 184.3 million; The volume of activity was 38% compared to the period before Corona – compared to 31% in the second quarter.

9:15 – ETGA, a company engaged in logistics and non-bank financing, reported 118% growth in revenues to NIS 147 million; Profit increased by 83% to NIS 8.5 million. The volume of credit managed by the company in the field of non-bank financing amounted to approximately NIS 367 million.

8:40 – Results of the Rotem Shani real estate development company: Revenues in the third quarter increased by 65% ​​to NIS 93.8 million. Net income was NIS 7.3 million, compared with NIS 1.9 million in the corresponding quarter.

8:30 – Structure results: The NOI from assets in Israel stood at NIS 157 million in the third quarter, compared with NIS 148 million in the corresponding quarter – the NOI from identical assets was NIS 155 million, compared with NIS 147 million at the same time; The NOI abroad was NIS 21 million, similar to the corresponding quarter; the quarterly FFO was NIS 120 million, compared to NIS 104 million at the same time.

8:15 – Discourse Medical Results: Revenues for the quarter were NIS 16.2 million, compared with NIS 6.6 million in the corresponding quarter. The company recorded a quarterly loss of NIS 750,000, compared with a profit of NIS 2.3 million in the corresponding quarter. Excluding adjustments to biological assets and share-based payment, Sheikh posted a profit of NIS 3.4 million, compared with a profit of NIS 2 million in the corresponding quarter.

8:10 – Azrieli results: NOI in the quarter rose by 22% to NIS 428 million; NOI from identical assets increased by 16%; The FFO without the contribution of sheltered housing increased by 21% to NIS 315 million; The total FFO increased by 27% to NIS 357 million.

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Dana Azrieli 25.11.20Dana Azrieli 25.11.20

Dana Azrieli Chairman and controlling owner of the Azrieli Group

(Photo: Ziv Koren)

8:00 – Arad announced yesterday that it is considering splitting its subsidiaries and turning them into independent companies – Malam Tim Vishras. It also announced a self-purchase of NIS 100 million and a dividend distribution of NIS 36 million.

7:20 – The stock market will open this morning against the background of the mixed trend that was recorded last night on Wall Street (the Dow Jones climbed 0.6%, the S&P 500 added 0.2%, and the Nasdaq lost 0.5%), and ahead of another day full of financial reports – among the publishers today: Azrieli, Housing and Construction, Building, Shafir Engineering, Paz Pent and El Al.

Yesterday, a negative lock was recorded on the stock exchange: the Tel Aviv 35 index fell by 0.8%, the Tel Aviv 125 index fell by 0.7%, Tel Aviv Banks fell by 0.5% – Discount weakened by 1% after the reports.

Teva 35 was led by Teva, which rose 1.7%, Electra lost 4% at the bottom of the index, also due to disappointing financial results. Retailers jumped 7.2% at the top of Tel Aviv 90, yields lost 4.9% at the bottom of the index.

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Tel Aviv Stock Exchange 4Tel Aviv Stock Exchange 4

(Photo: Bloomberg)


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