Negotiation, thirty years later we discover that the state cannot condemn itself

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by Antonio Marino

Sorry for the media that incessantly continue to spread the word for which the Negotiation between the state and the mafia never existed and, therefore, both the Palermo prosecutor’s office and the first instance judges are weird visionaries. However, the device with which the Court of Assizes of Appeal acquitted the exponents of the state accused in the trial says the exact opposite. It would have been much less worrying if the judges had said, as many claim, that men of the carabinieri never stooped to deal with Cosa Nostra on behalf of the state. If it had been so, this would have meant that the negotiation was only a theorem that never occurred because the state could never deal with its negation, that is theAnti-state.

Unfortunately for them and for us citizens, the sentence handed down by the Appeals Judges is much more worrying than that. And that is it is stated that there was a negotiation – and this is an incontrovertible historical fact – but the fact that pieces of the state have dealt with the mafia does not constitute a crime. One would therefore expect, for the same reverse reasoning, an acquittal also of the mafia, given that the negotiations are made in two. Instead, we discover that it is a crime for one party (Cosa Nostra) but it is not a crime for the other (State). And that is, it is confirmed that it was men of the Ros of the Carabinieri who went from Vito Ciancimino to ask him to contact Riina’s personal doctor through his son Massimo, Antonino Cinà, to probe if there were margins to negotiate. “They looked for me,” Riina said in an environmental wiretap in prison.

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As a citizen, I am very concerned about the principle of law affirmed by the Appeals Judges and its repercussions. If the state instead of fight crime deals with and is even legally entitled to do so, it means that the sacrifices of Giovanni Falcone, Paolo Borsellino and many others who fought against the mafia did not make sense and neither will the future sacrifices of other statesmen and ordinary citizens. . Why fight the mafia if it can be dealt with? Borsellino blanched when he learned that unfaithful pieces of the state had initiated contacts with the Cosa Nostra. The State dealing with those who still have the blood-dripping hands of Falcone’s colleague and fraternal friend? The same State which, by starting to negotiate, as the first-degree sentence certifies, hastened his death.

“Making war to make peace” said Riina. Thirty years later we discover that Mori, De Donno and Subranni evidently were unaware that he was conveying the Cosa Nostra threat to the state, that is to say the requests that Riina had sent to stop the massacres, or that, worse, they knew what they were doing but what they were doing was perfectly lawful.

Thirty years later we find that Marcello Dell’Utri, founder of Forza Italia, already condemned for external competition in the mafia association, did not actually transmit the threat of the mafia to the first Berlusconi government; therefore we discover that Mangano, the mafia boss of Porta Nuova, defined by Borsellino as the bridgehead of the mafia in the North, was purely by chance called, through Dell’Utri, to Berlusconi’s villa in Arcore. Thirty years later we discover that by telepathy Mangano was aware, even before the ministers themselves, of the pro-mafia measures that B. was preparing to get approved.

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Thirty years later we discover that out of pure spirit of philanthropy, Silvio Berlusconi he paid through Dell’Utri 250 million lire a year to the Cosa Nostra, even when he went to the government and also during the bomb season. And again by pure coincidence, in January ’94 the attack on the Olympic stadium was aborted, which would have definitively brought an already collapsed state to its knees, and only a week later Berlusconi announced the founding of Forza Italia and its descent into the field; from that moment the bombs ceased, which instead had multiplied since the beginning of the negotiation (Rome, Milan, Florence). Thirty years later we discover that the state cannot condemn itself.

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