Neighbor’s dog bites his daughter’s hand: 44-year-old kills the animal and drags it on the street tied to a van

A promise of vengeance kept“. So he describes his action in a video the man who shot his neighbor’s dog of home e he then tied him to his van dragging him on the street. The animal had bit the hand of the man’s daughter. He resumed killing and dragging the poor dog’s body talking about “revenge”. We are a Mazara del Vallo and even though the video was removed from the network almost immediately, the carabinieri arrested the man for killing of animals, illegal possession of weapons, illegal possession of weapons and ammunition. The search of the 44-year-old’s home led to the seizure of a modified 9-caliber blanking pistol ‘without red cap, 80 buckshot cartridges, 113 blanks, an illegal artisanal firearm. The man is under house arrest.

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