Neighbors have noisy sex every night, the protest message on TikTok is viral on social media

Everyone, probably, sooner or later we have thought of send a passive-aggressive message to noisy neighbors, but at the last moment we gave up. It is not the case with a woman who after protesting why the neighbor had noisy sex received the kindest answer ever.

Neighbors have loud sex every night, woman politely protests on TikTok

In early March, come on TikTok, the woman shared a very polite message, written after being disturbed by the neighbors they had done sex for four nights in a row.

The note said, “Hey guys, I’d really appreciate it if you pulled the bed away from the wall.
“It is becoming a daily thing and it is very difficult for me to sleep with that noise … Thank you, your neighbor”.
He then clarified that the “noise” was actually “moans” and the sound of the head of the bed hitting the shared wall.
After slipping the note under the door, the woman hoped that her beloved neighbors would be quiet, but the answer went far beyond.

Neighbors have loud sex every night, woman protests on TikTok and gets a surprise response

When she returned home in the afternoon after a walk with the dog she found it an apology note on the bedroom floor.
“I apologize for the inconvenience, I will pay attention to the volume of the voice. Thanks for the discretion ”, wrote the neighbor who also left in the note a $ 50 Starbucks gift card, about 46 euros.
On TikTok, the clip has been viewed by over 220,000 users were amazed by the sweet gesture.

“Wow very nice neighbor. I like this mutual respect, ”wrote one.
“The card is giving me good vibes, I love you both. It’s unbelievable! ”Commented another.

(Fonte: SUN)


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