Netanyahu first but he needs Yamina


Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud is confirmed as the top political force in early elections in Israel, but the bloc supporting the prime minister would only reach a majority in the Knesset with the support of Naftali Bennett’s far-right Yamina party. This is what emerges from the exit polls released by Channel 11, according to which Likud would win 31 seats and the pro-Netanyahu bloc 54 seats in total. To exceed 60 and have a majority in the Knesset, the 7 seats of Yamina are needed, a party close to the settlers who did not ensure that he wanted to support Netanyahu and, according to some scenarios, could go to the other side.

Even the exit polls released by Channel 12 and Channel 13, albeit with slight differences regarding the allocation of seats to parties, agree that the pro-Netanyahu bloc would only be able to obtain a majority in Parliament with the support of Yamina.

“I will only do what is good for the state of Israel,” Bennett said without disclosing whether he will join the coalition led by Netanyahu.

Meanwhile, the Israeli leader declared victory in the elections. “A great victory for the right and Likud under my leadership,” Netanyahu wrote on Twitter, adding that his party is “by far” the largest in Israel. “It is obvious that a clear majority of Israel’s citizens are right-wingers and want a strong, stable right-wing government that will take care of Israel’s economy and security,” Netanyahu added.


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