Netanyahu gave a ‘green light’ to move forward with a plea deal

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Former Prime Minister Netanyahu today (Monday) gave his lawyers a “green light” to move forward with the plea deal in his case – with the State Attorney’s Office.

In the last day, Netanyahu held talks with his family and with his lawyers, Amit Hadad and Boaz Ben-Zur, who begged him to accept the plea deal offered to him.

Sources who were updated on the details of the meeting between Netanyahu and his lawyers made it clear to Here News that although Netanyahu agreed to move forward with the deal and speed up contacts, “he will not accept it at any cost.”

It should be noted that Netanyahu hopes to improve the deal and he still insists on the stigma clause, in exchange for retiring from political life.

Today, Netanyahu first addressed the mass campaign launched for him and posted a picture of himself with his family and wrote: “Thank you, masses of Israeli citizens, for your tremendous support and wonderful love in recent days. Your warmth has moved me and my family with unparalleled excitement.”

As reported in Shabbat Square, last night Netanyahu and his family held a night-long meeting with his lawyers. Nathan Eshel, the family’s close counselor, also attended the meeting. At the end, it was decided to speed up the contacts with the ombudsman, with the pleading of the lawyers.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and his family in consultation last night with lawyers (here news)

According to reports, Mandelblit will not go to the settlement without the consent of the attorneys in the case and it is not at all certain that they will agree to the settlement, certainly not in the short time window until Mandelblit retires.

According to other reports, the prosecution is also working on a plea deal with Noni Mozes who is expected to admit to attempting to bribe, although it should be noted that he did not seriously intend the proposal. If Netanyahu does not sign an agreement as well, it is possible that Mozes’ confession will hurt Netanyahu.

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