Netanyahu in for a surprise before the elections: the date on which his book will be published has been revealed

Benjamin and Sarah Netanyahu (Flash 90 photo/ Tomer Neuberg)

The Shibulat Library, from Sela Meir Publishing House and Keren Tikva, will precede the publication of the autobiography of former Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on October 14th. The advance publication of the Hebrew edition occurs following the decision of the American publisher Simon & Schuster from last week, to advance the publication of the American edition to October 18. The book will be published in Israel about two weeks before the elections and not in November as originally planned.

In the last months, the editorial team of the publisher and Netanyahu himself worked around the clock on installing the Hebrew edition and preparing it for printing. The new schedules imposed by the early printing – which takes place against the background of the holiday period – led to a reduction in the number of copies expected in the first edition of the book.

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Against the background of the upcoming publication of his book, Netanyahu said: “I chose to dedicate my life to a public mission. My wife Sarah sacrificed her young and most beautiful years and my sons, Yair and Avner, sacrificed the end of their childhood in this journey. I wrote the story of my life so that we would have the opportunity to meet for the first time without Intermediaries – just me and you.”

He also added: “I wrote about the landscapes of my childhood, about the inspiration and love I received from the loving family nest in which I grew up with Yoni and Ido. I wrote about the wisdom and generosity of my father, Ben Zion and my mother Tsila, about my years in the army, about the moments when I almost lost my life, about the death of my brother The late Yoni who led me to public life, and about the big decisions, the big moments, the difficulties and the joys in national politics, and about the multitude of moments that make up my life. I am excited to share with you my book, written from my heart’s blood. I would love for you to buy and read it, very soon.”

Rotem M. Sela, publisher Sela Meir, and co-publisher of the Shibulat Library: “It was an exciting and intense period that allowed us to ensure that the Israeli reader will get to read this important, fascinating and absorbing book at African speed. Thanks to the mobilization of many people, we were able to meet the production challenge they set We have the American partners for publishing the book.”

He added: “Now, we are making tremendous efforts to make available a quantity of copies that will allow us to leave the pre-sale open, and to ensure that as many Hebrew readers as possible will be able to obtain Netanyahu’s immersive and inspiring autobiography in the near future. I am sure that the book will surprise, move and inspire among Anyone who reads it.”

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