Netanyahu in the Likud faction: “6 times better than Bennett”

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Opposition leader Netanyahu spoke at the entrance of the Likud faction and referred to the weak condemnation that came out of the Ram faction to the murderous attack last night: “Demands the Prime Minister to explicitly condemn. On the Iranian threat: “They bring us this gloomy cloud that obscures the security and the very existence of the State of Israel”

At the beginning of the Likud faction meeting, opposition leader and Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu referred to the deadly attack that took place yesterday in the Old City in which Daniel K. B. was killed by a Hamas terrorist. We must pay a heavy price for this heinous attack in the heart of Jerusalem. “

“In the face of terrorism, a hard and strong hand must be demonstrated,” said the Likud chairman, adding that “unfortunately we do not see this hard hand against terrorism, as we do not see it in the fight against Iran.”

Netanyahu referred to an article in the New York Times in which US officials criticized Israel’s actions against the Iranian nuclear program, accusing them: “They have no political and explanatory punch that we have been led everywhere and on every stage. ‘No surprises’. This policy binds the hands of Israel. After all, we see that the Americans oppose these actions and then there are no operations. “

“Every day that Bennett and Lapid continue this lax policy against Iran,” Netanyahu warned, “they bring us closer to this gloomy cloud that obscures their security and the very future and existence of the State of Israel.”

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The condemnation of RAAM

The head of the opposition referred to the relentless condemnation of the attack that came out of the RAAM faction: “Yesterday we saw the murderous attack in Jerusalem and I expected all members of the coalition to condemn terrorism loud, clear and distinct. No exercises, no blurs and no evasions. But RAAM, the Muslim Brotherhood’s movement, has issued a weak statement, only in Hebrew of course, condemning ‘violence on all sides’. We already know these statements that say nothing.

Netanyahu said that he “demands from Ma’aram to explicitly condemn, in Hebrew and Arabic, the murder attack in Jerusalem.” After all, they are his senior partners – Mansour the boss. “According to Netanyahu,” Bennett is unable to do so because he has controlled the Muslim Brotherhood over the Arab citizens of Israel, most of whom do not want to be ruled by radical Islam. Most of them want to be part of the progressive Israeli society of the 21st century and not some part of medieval caliphates. “

Netanyahu’s laws

Netanyahu referred to the law limiting tenure, which he sees as a precedent for a law that would prohibit a criminal defendant from forming a government: “The public sees the weakness of this government. Therefore it does not want this government. So what are they doing? They pass laws against whoever the public wants.” “They are doing this in a two-step process. First, they are limiting the tenure of the government, something that does not exist in any parliamentary democracy in the world. This is Phase A.

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Netanyahu referred to a poll published last night, which he said reflects many similar polls. “54% prefer me to be prime minister. Six times more than Bennett, more than twice as many as Lapid and almost 10 times more than Gideon Saar, the justice minister whose party does not consistently pass the blocking percentage. Gideon Saar wants to prevent the public from making his decision and choice.”

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