Netflix brought Dwayne Johnson more than a quarter of annual income

Thanks Netflix

Of the $545.5 million total earnings of the top 10 actors in the latest Forbes ranking, Netflix accounts for $140.5 million (over 25%).
In particular, Ryan Reynolds ($71.5 million for the year, the second highest-earning actor after Dwayne Johnson) received $20 million from Netflix for his roles in The Phantom 6 (6 Underground, 2019) and Red Notice.
But the most striking example is Adam Sandler. In 12 months, he released only one film – “Uncut Gems” (Uncut Gems, 2019). During the first weekend, the tape scored $ 9.6 million in theaters, and in total, moviegoers brought the film $ 51 million, of which Sandler got $ 5 million. Nevertheless, in the Forbes rating, Sandler is in ninth place. After all, its main viewers were those who sit in front of the TV and computer screens. Netflix paid $31 million to Sandler as part of a four-movie deal signed back in 2014. In January of this year, Netflix entered into a new contact with Sandler – even more generous than before, according to Forbes.
In 2020, Netflix is ​​expected to invest $17 billion to produce its own content.


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