Netflix star Peri Baumeister: She shaved her bald head for this film – people

A radical change …

Actress Peri Baumeister (35) parted with her long hair for her new mystery thriller “Blood Red Sky” (from July 23 on Netflix).

She speaks to BILD am SONNTAG about this decisive experience.

BILD: Did you know while reading the script that you would shave your hair off?

Peri builder: “In any case, I knew that if I agree to the role, I also have to agree to shave my hair. (laughs) But to be honest, I’ve been waiting a bit for it. For me it was really great to play an action heroine. It is a complex and touching female figure that doesn’t have to be sexy. ”

How did it feel to completely shave my hair off?

Builder: “For me it was a huge relief. When I put on the wet razor, my hands were trembling and my eyes were laughing and crying. But after that I felt super free because I freed myself from feminine attributes. ”

How do you like the result?

Builder: “I didn’t know beforehand whether my head shape would even fit. I like it, but I didn’t expect it. I now admire people all the more who, like me, cannot make this decision voluntarily. And I can only encourage every woman to feel sensual and beautiful. ”

Peri Baumeister bei der „Blood Red Sky“-Weltpremiere am 8. Juli in MünchenFoto: Agency People Image

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Peri Baumeister at the “Blood Red Sky” world premiere on July 8th in MunichFoto: Agency People Image

How did people around you react to baldness?

Builder: “When my eyebrows were taped away for the shoot, you naturally associate it with an illness. When I was walking through Prague with my little daughter by the hand after filming ended and people gave me pitying looks, I first had to learn to deal with it. But at some point the look was part of me. I liked this change. ”

Die Schauspielerin im Mystery-Thriller „Blood Red Sky“ (startet am 23. Juli bei Netflix)Photo: Jens Koch

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The actress in the mystery thriller “Blood Red Sky” (launches July 23 on Netflix)Photo: Jens Koch

Did you have a wig, just in case, that you could have worn after the shooting ended?

Builder: “I was kindly knotted a wig by the production department. But I never used it because I wanted to face this experience. I’ve never felt so unpretentious and pure. You need a lot less time in the bathroom. Such a hairstyle has an incredible number of advantages. ” (laughs)

You are currently wearing a short haircut.

Builder: “And I’ll stick with it.”

Netflix star Peri Baumeister: She shaved her bald head for this film
Photo: BILD



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