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Doha ∙ The Netherlands made a spectacular comeback by scoring a third goal in four minutes against the USA, who tried to pull off a shock comeback. Maurice Dumfries, who paved the way for the first two goals, scored the third goal for the Netherlands in the 81st minute. Memphis Depay (10th minute) and Dale Blind (45+1) also scored for the Netherlands in the first half. Morris Dumfries set the stage for both these goals. The progress of the Netherlands is believed in the history of not losing after scoring the first goal in the 22 matches played in the World Cup since 1978.

The Netherlands were on their way to an easy victory with a two-goal lead, but the USA shocked them with a one-goal comeback. Haji Amir Wright scored for the USA in the 76th minute after a series of moves. Wright returned a goal for USA from superstar Christian Pulisic’s pass.

After creating some good chances in both halves of the match, the USA finally found the target in the 76th minute. Deandre Yedlin passes the ball to Christian Pulisic after the Netherlands advance into the box. From near the box, Pulisic extended the ball parallel to the post and Netherlands goalkeeper Knoppert arrived. But in the meantime, Haji Amir hit Wright’s leg and the ball went over the goalkeeper and hit the net. Score 1–2.

The Netherlands fought back by securing the quarter even before the USA’s goal. The third goal of the Netherlands belonged to Maurice Dumfries, who paved the way for the first two goals. Dumfries’ bullet volley off Dale Blind’s smashing cross left the US goalkeeper with no chance. Score 3–1.

The Netherlands took the lead with a good counter attack while the US players were suffocating due to hyper pressing. After a move from his own half, the ball went to Morris Dumfries on the right wing. Memphis Depay hits the ball in the middle of the box with the ball out parallel to the Dumfries post outside the USA box. With the ball at his feet, Depay shot past the US goalkeeper and into the net. Score 1–0.

This is Memphis Depay’s 43rd goal in the Netherlands jersey. Only Robin van Persie (50 goals) is ahead of Depay in terms of scoring the most goals for the Netherlands.

The second goal was a duplicate of the first goal. Only the goal scorer has changed. The second goal started with a throw in the USA half in favor of the Netherlands. Morris Dumfries, who received the ball on the right wing during the advance, once again split the US defense and got close to the box. Dale Blind got his foot on the ball from the right wing into the middle of the Dumfries box. The USA goalkeeper was once again a spectator as the player fired the ball into the left corner of the post. Score 2–0.

Netherlands coach Louis van Gaal fielded his team in the pre-quarters by keeping the same team that played in the last group match against Qatar. On the other hand, the US fans are relieved that injured superstar Christian Pulisic has been included in the starting XI. US coach Berhalter made two changes to the team that defeated Iran in the last group match.

∙ 1st Netherlands, 2nd USA

The USA entered the prequarters by securing the second position behind England in Group B. Christian Pulisic’s goal in the last match was decisive in defeating Iran. In other matches, they drew England and Wales. The Netherlands, on the other hand, qualified for the prequarters with seven points in Group A with two wins and a draw. They won against Qatar and Senegal and drew against Ecuador.

This is the first time since 2014 that the USA is playing in the World Cup prequarters. They are hoping to play in the quarter for the first time since 2002. At the same time, there is also the challenge of not being able to beat European teams in the knockout stage even once in the last 20 years. The confidence of the Netherlands is that they have reached the pre-quarters in all the World Cups played since 1934. He is also confident that he has not lost in the last 18 matches played.

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