Network- – Will Orange Street be rehabilitated?| Dinamalar

Network- – Will Orange Street be rehabilitated?|  Dinamalar

Sriperumbudur: Velayakaran Panchayat is located in Kunraduthar Union. More than 3 thousand people live here.
There is a 2-km bypass road from Valayakaran to Apur. This road is located in the forest area under the control of Katangkoluthar Union. More than 20 villagers including Velayakarani, Natarasanpattu, Siruvanjur, Kanchivakkam, Oomiyallparananjeri, Chavadi, Navaluar, Serappanancheri, Arambakkam from Kunratthar union are using this road to go to Singapperumalkovil, Chengalpattu area.
This road, which was built 18 years ago, has become bumpy and potholed and has large potholes, making it impossible for vehicles to pass through this road. Due to this, the people of the area have to go around the 5 km route and take an alternate route, wasting time and money. The villagers expressed their anguish that despite petitioning many people like the District Collector, MLA, MP and Regional Development Officer, no action was taken to repair this road.

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