Netzer after surgery in rehab

Netzer after surgery in rehab

2016-05-26 10:08:17

Gunter Netzer

Günter Netzer is in rehab. Photo: Andreas Gebert

(Photo: dpa)

This is reported by the “Bild” newspaper and the “Sport-Bild”. “My wonderful wife saved my life! I am deeply grateful to her and the great doctors,” the newspapers quoted the former soccer professional as saying. Accordingly, Netzer had to undergo heart surgery in Switzerland.

“We are in rehab now. My husband needs absolute rest for a few more weeks. But with the heart, all tests show that everything is fine so far. We are very grateful,” said Elvira Netzer of “Bild” and “Sport Bild”.

The doctors treating him did not want to comment on Netzer’s state of health on Thursday. There was also no reaction from the sports rights company Infront, where Netzer sits in management.

It was only on Tuesday that Deutsche Sporthilfe announced that the 71-year-old would be included in the “Hall of Fame of German Sports” this year.

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