Never has Europe produced so much renewable energy

Never has Europe produced so much renewable energy

The European Union (EU) has produced since the start of the war in Ukraine “nearly a quarter (24%) of its electricity from the wind and the sun”, according to a study including The time reports the results, compared to 21% in 2021, i.e. “more than ever before”.

The study published Tuesday, October 18 by Ember and E3G, energy and climate change think tanks, found that 345 terawatt hours were produced from solar and wind power in the 1is March to September 30, 2022, which represents “an increase of 39 terawatt hours compared to 2021”, details the website of the German weekly.

99 billion euros in savings on gas

Over this period, “the increase in renewable energy generation capacity has saved the 27-nation bloc 99 billion euros in gas imports”, i.e. 11 billion euros more than in 2021, underlines CNN.

Chris Rosslowe d’Ember comments:

“Solar and wind energy are already helping European citizens. But their potential for the future is even greater.”

In the European Union, “19 out of 27 member countries broke records for solar and wind power generation,” continues the American site, including France, Italy, Poland and Spain.

The mirror notes that these figures come at the right time, before the announcement on Tuesday by the European Commission of new “emergency measures against high gas and electricity prices”, including the group purchase of gas. This set of measures “will then be examined by the heads of state and government at the European summit on Thursday and Friday in Brussels”.


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