“New brutal phase of the war”

“New brutal phase of the war”

when the Russian President Vladimir Putin unleashed hostilities against Ukraine He did so convinced that the conflict would be settled easily, but the reality has turned out to be very different: almost one year after the start of the invasion Of Russian Troops, the war is in a stagnation phase as described in an opinion piece by the editorial board of ‘The New York Times’.

A situation that could turn in favor of the kyiv troops if the greater support of the Western powers for the Executive of Volodimir Zelensky

And that scenario is very close to taking place: the initial objection of West to support Ukraine with more resources for “fear of an east-west battle seems to be giving way to a more active role of Europe and the United States with kyiv.

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The US government has decided that it will soon deliver to the Ukrainian troops systems of Patriot missiles, Bradley fighting vehicles and Stryker armored fighting vehicles, until completing an aid of 2.5 billion dollars. And the United Kingdom has advanced that it will provide kyiv with 14 tanques Challenger 2, a measure that seeks to react to Germany to overcome his reluctance and contribute his tanks Leopard 2.

Faced with this situation, with the Ukrainian Army provided with weapons and resources from Western powers and with the Kremlin enlisting its troops with other 300,000 soldiers, ‘The New York Times’ speaks openly that in the coming months the start of a “new brutal phase of the war”. A situation that the facts are determined to certify just as the first anniversary of the start of the war is coming to an end, and that is further and further away from the horizon of a short-term peace.


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