New clip starring Sweet Tooth

New clip starring Sweet Tooth

2023-06-09 04:10:52


By: Samuel M | 08-06-23

Peacock released a new clip of the upcoming Twisted Metal adaptation that will star Anthony Mackie as John Doeand other celebrities like Samoa Joe of the AEW physically interpreting Sweeth Toothwhile Will Arnett will lend his voice.

Precisely both characters are in this new clip where we have a brief confrontation to see the physical strength that Sweeth Tooth has when he is out of his vehicle. The context isn’t entirely clear, but it seems that John Doe was on the lookout for something, and ended up coming across the violent clown-masked character.

However, what has attracted the most attention in the clip are the moments of humor that both characters have, such as starting to sing when the clown has Doe subjected to a slot machine.

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And although some have already gotten off the cart, others are trying to embrace that ‘black mood‘ that they are going to place in the Twisted Metal series, giving as an example how ‘dumb’ the first installments were in terms of showing their characters.

The Twisted Metal series will arrive next July 27thAt the moment it has been confirmed that it will arrive through Peacock in the United States. It is not yet clear where it will be broadcast internationally.

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