New closing times for nightlife venues: there is an extra half hour – The ordinance that comes into force tomorrow 25 July distinguishes, up to and including 8 August, two areas of the city: that of the “nightlife”, which from Sunday to Thursday will have to anticipate closing at 1 am, and the rest of the city where it can always close at 2 throughout the week.

From 9 August to 22, however, the possibility of staying open until 2 is extended to the whole city 7 days a week.

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New ordinance according to the areas and days: penalties of up to 10 thousand euros

The “special regime” streets and squares where from Sunday to Thursday, until 8 August, it will have to close at one in the morning (half an hour more than in the previous ordinance) are specifically:

– in the area of ​​piazza Muzii, in addition to the same square: via Cesare Battisti, via Piave, via Forti, via Goito, via Curtatone, via De Cesaris, via Minghetti, via Poerio, piazza S.Caterina, via Quarto dei Mille, via From Friends

– in the historic center area: via delle Caserme, largo dei Frentani, via dei Bastioni, corso Manthonè, via Catone, via Corfinio, via Petroni, via Flaiano, piazza Unione and piazza Garibaldi


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