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Aid is coming to companies victims of the economic crisis linked to the pandemic. The Regional Council, in yesterday’s session, ordered the refinancing of the law relating to extraordinary and urgent measures for the economy and employment connected to the epidemiological emergency. This is an intervention that will return oxygen to many companies in difficulty.
SUPPORT TO EDUCATION. But that’s not all, because yesterday’s session touched on several hot dossiers in recent weeks. In fact, a contribution of 600 thousand euros was made to the province of to find and manage the spaces necessary to host the 65 classes of the Marconi high school, in view of the start of the school year, in addition to the disbursement of 900 thousand euros for the construction of the new D’Annunzio university residences. “Let’s talk about concrete measures”, underlines the president of the regional council Lorenzo Sospiri, “Adopted in the interest of the territory and which concern the school, culture, tourism and sport sectors. In Chieti, the new student residence will have to be built in the spaces of the former Pierantoni barracks, while in we are talking about the spaces of the former Ferhotel on Corso Vittorio Emanuele ».
“I want to underline the importance we have reserved for the student population of and Chieti,” said the group leader of Fratelli d’Italia Guerino Testa, “Guaranteeing a correct start of the new school year in person, managing in time to create safe classrooms for all the students of the Marconi high school, is a fundamental aspect”.
SCHOLARSHIP. Furthermore, in yesterday’s session, a scholarship of 20 thousand euros was also established, for 2021, to be disbursed in favor of students, residing in Abruzzo, who will be winners of competitions for merit organized by the Italian Commission for World Colleges united.
FUNDING FOR SPORT. Much space was also reserved for funding for plant engineering and sporting events, with an investment of 1.6 million euros which will allow, among other things, the realization of the assignment of the sports facility of the Naiads in «The management of the plant is very important to the Region», Sospiri continues, «as the strategic importance of a structure of this caliber is very clear».
Among the various support interventions, always in the sports field, the one for the 2021 online hockey world championship (organized by the World skate federation), which will take place in September, in Roccaraso, and will be financed with 400 thousand euros stands out. Economic interventions have also been launched in favor of the Abruzzo Olympic and Paralympic athletes, with a budget of 50 thousand euros.
ASSOCIATIONS AND COMPANIES. In addition, 300 thousand euros were allocated for associations with social or health purposes, in favor of the disabled, operating in the Abruzzo region.
The draft law has also been approved to transfer to the Regional Council the resources for supporting small businesses, operating in the territories affected by the earthquake events of 2016 and 2017, already anticipated by the Council budget: this is a total amount of 225 thousand euros.
CULTURAL INTERVENTIONS. Among other things, the Regional Council has also given the green light to the contribution of 30 thousand euros for the reopening of the abbey of San Clemente a Casauria.
Interventions are also planned to support the candidacy of transhumance for inclusion in the UNESCO world cultural heritage list, and to support the regional law aimed at celebrating the centenary of the Rijeka enterprise, led by the Abruzzese poet Gabriele D’Annunzio. Support is also coming for the international Silone award, while another important point approved concerns the participation of the Abruzzo Region, next October, in the Niaf (National Italian American Foundation) as guest of honor.
THE OTHER MEASURES. Furthermore, during yesterday’s session, the Regional Council approved the draft law for the recognition of the off-balance sheet debt for the services rendered by Abruzzo Engineering Spa, for an amount equal to 64 thousand euros.
The assembly also prepared the refinancing of the regional law relating to the provisions for the preparation of the 2020-2022 financial budget (2020 regional stability law), with a total amount of 500 thousand euros.
Interventions are also envisaged in the field of Ater reporting, and more generally in the regulation of building activity and for the recovery of the existing building stock. Support is also planned for the regulation of hunting activities, the protection of homeothermic wildlife and the protection of the environment.
THE CENTER LEFT ATTACKS. “The Council has returned to meet thanks to the pressure exerted by the center-left groups”, underline the councilors Silvio Paolucci, Dino Pepe, Antonio Blasioli, Pierpaolo Pietrucci, Americo Di Benedetto, Marianna Scoccia e Sandro Mariani, «After more than two months of inactivity. Our requests to use the higher revenues for advances of 70 per cent of the contributions to municipalities and beneficiary bodies were accepted.
This is a coverage obtained from tax and extra-tax collections and from tax transfers that will serve to restore breath to many administrations ».
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